Who does what in the asylum system?
    Many parties are involved in the asylum process in Ter Apel and Zoutkamp. To provide a little overview, the most important parties are described in this context.
    Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers (COA): Takes care of the reception of asylum seekers during the asylum application and coordinates which asylum seekers can go where for the night.
    Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND): Decides on the asylum application of an asylum seeker. New asylum seekers are the first to report here before they go to the Aliens Police.

    Aliens Police (AVIM): Identifies the asylum seeker during the registration process which normally takes one or two days. Then they go back to the IND for a first interview.

    The Ministry of Justice and Security: Is about the overall asylum process and implements the asylum policy that has been established by politicians.
    In addition, many other parties are involved, such as the Transport and Support Service, which arranges the transport of asylum seekers to and from Zoutkamp. Since those other parties are not that relevant for this article, we limit it to the above four.