Ukraine coach full of praise despite missing European Championship qualification

Although the Ukrainian national team missed out on direct qualification for the European Football Championship in Germany, Serhij Rebrow was still full of praise – and not just for his team. “Compliments to the players, they really showed Ukrainian character,” said the national coach after the 0-0 draw against Italy in Leverkusen. Only one goal separated the Ukrainians from reaching the finals.

However, there was no trace of depression on the part of the coach. “The game was very important for our country, a lot of people watched the game,” said Rebrow. His team still has the opportunity to secure the Germany ticket via the play-offs in March 2024.

There were also friendly words for the hosts; the Ukrainians obviously felt very comfortable in Leverkusen. “A compliment also to Germany, the stadium is very good and our support in the hotel and everywhere here was very great,” praised Rebrow. The fans also “showed support for our country, not just our team,” to the delight of Ukrainians.

Because of the Russian war of aggression, the Ukrainian national team is currently not playing its home games at home, but is dependent on the support of associations and clubs abroad.