The Mezzocorona fighter returns to victory with a completely new approach: by dint of leg kicks he weakened his opponent, in the end the verdict was unanimous for him

    Version 2.0 by Marvin Vettori works great. We left The Italian dream six months ago, which clearly lost to Whittaker in Paris, we saw him train in Thailand at Van Damme and run like Rocky Balboa in the snow of Nevada. And tonight in London we saw a different, evolved fighter, capable of changing weapons and gameplan. We had left a grappling tank, we find a powerful and calculating striker, who tamed Roman Dolidze with those kicks that he practically never used before and that tonight filled his card. Marvin Vettori 2.0, most importantly, wins again, confirming himself among the top 4-5 middleweights in the world. And the climb towards a new title chance resumes.

    The match

    Vettori and Dolidze knew each other well, they have already sparred together in California at Kings Mma. However, Vettori changed teams, and his former training partner was taken aback when he opened the match with a kick to the thigh. It was the leitmotif of the match: a different Marvin, more aggressive than usual, keeps the match standing up and starts hammering the Georgian’s legs to undermine his mobility: a strategy often implemented against him, he knew how to make it his own. Of course, he takes more risks than usual against an unreadable opponent, and Dolidze lands him a couple of non-trivial punches. But Marvin knows that the new road is that. Because even when the pace slows down and the two look at each other and challenge each other, he continues his chisel work. He takes risks, sure, he takes some, but he also strikes well in counterstriking when he takes initiative. The result is a technical, tight match in which the judges reward the constancy of Vettori’s action and have no doubts: unanimous verdict.