UEFA has rejected PSV’s request to move the penalty for an away game without an audience. That means that on Thursday in PSV’s last group match in the Europa League against Norwegian club Bodø/Glimt, there are no Eindhoven supporters in the branch.

    UEFA decided last week that PSV are not allowed to bring supporters to the next away game, as a result of the disturbances in London during the lost game against Arsenal (1-0). Because many PSV supporters had already booked the trip to Norway, the club asked UEFA if it was possible to apply the penalty not against Bodø/Glimt, but at the following away game in Europe. However, the European federation rejected that, according to a PSV spokesperson.

    About 260 supporters had bought a ticket. Because PSV has received signals that many fans can no longer cancel the trip to Norway, the club is looking for a location in the Norwegian city of Bodø where the fans can watch the match on TV screens. The 125 people who have booked a business arrangement for Bodø/Glimt – PSV are allowed to enter the stadium, according to the spokesperson.

    PSV is already certain of a sequel in the Europa League with 10 points from five matches. During the last round, the team of coach Ruud van Nistelrooij competes with leader Arsenal (12 points) for the first place in group A. The group winner qualifies for the eighth finals of the Europa League, the number 2 plays in an intermediate round against one of the numbers 3 of the Champions League.

    PSV has also been fined 40,000 euros. The club must also contact Arsenal within thirty days about the damage to be compensated.

    PSV mourns after the lost duel with Arsenal. © ANP / EPA