Sensational market background involving the Catalan striker. According to Fabrizio Romano he was one step away from Tottenham

    The market has been over for a few days and now it’s time for a backstory. During the winter session, behind the scenes of the Sheraton Hotel, we talked about business then unfinished, blurred and unrealized for various reasons. Among these there would be one that closely concerns Udinese and its most representative player. No, we are not talking about Betoin the last hours of the 31st requested by Everton, as told by the same MarineBut say Gerard Deulofeu. The Catalan striker, now struggling with a knee injury, was one step away from leaving Udinese.

    In fact, according to what was reported by the well-known market expert Fabricius Roman, the Spanish playmaker has been close to moving to the Premier League. The pressing of the was strong on him Tottenham who only gave up at the last one, when the news arrived that Jerry would have to undergo knee stabilization surgery. Nothing to do then for Deulofeu who would have brought forward the arrival of Spurs by a few months Destiny Udogie, already betrothed to the North London club in the summer.

    Antonelli’s words on the negotiation

    Even the market operator Stephen Antonelli talked about Gerard Deulofeu to the microphones of Tmw: “He didn’t go to Rome, but above all to Tottenham which was the closest team. It was not talked about and rightly so, it was one Private Negotiation. An operation practically completed. Then the footballer, due to a physical resentment, had to clean his knee and so on everything is blown”. Quickly changing the subject, don’t miss the market background. Becao near farewell <<<