Is the rapid promotion of trainer John Heitinga to head coach of Ajax wise or not? That’s what it’s about tonight at 6.10 pm in De Aftrap on TV at NH Sport. Goalkeeper coach Frans Hoek describes Heitinga as “very driven”, while former Ajax player Carel Eiting understands that the 87-time international is now stepping in as a coach. “If you get the chance in football, you take it.”

    In the section Touch the Flag for the first time this season, a woman will compete with Erik-Jan Brinkman. If you want to see how 20-year-old Camie Mol, player of VV Alkmaar, is doing, watch the entire broadcast below. Or turn on your TV at 5.10 / 6.10 / 7.10 pm etc..

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    Next week former national coach Guus Hiddink and Corina Dekker are guests. Dekker, former trainer of Eredivisionist VV Alkmaar, is the only woman who will start the professional football coach course next spring. For our game Hit the Flag we managed to get Jeredy Hilterman.

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