Tyson Fury placed a bet on the fight between Tommy Fury and Jake Paul

Tyson Fury trusts his brother like a rock.

Heavyweight champion Tyson Fury has made a bet of 100,000 pounds, i.e. around 113,000 euros Tommy Fury to victory.

Tommy Fury meets Jake Paul’s in a boxing ring over the weekend in Saudi Arabia.

Tyson Fury believes in his half-brother’s victory.

– I know he knocked out a few guys in sparring. Tommy knocks out 90 percent of the people he spars with or at least knocks them to the mat, Tyson Fury commented Metro magazine by.

– He is a very hard hitter and Jake Paul will notice that, he continued.

Jake Paul will now face a real boxer for the first time, as Tommy Fury is 8-0 in his professional career.

Tyson Fury trusts his brother like a rock.

– He is in a good mood. I was at the gym last night and he looked amazing, very sharp and ready. I expect an explosive knockout.

Tyson Fury is annoyed that some boxing experts believe Jake Paul will win.

– What the hell have they been watching.

The match between Tommy Fury and Jake Paul is a big spectacle. According to the Sports Zion website, Paul Earns 3.2 million dollars from the match, or about 3 million euros. Paul can still make a total of $8.6 million from the entire match, including PPV sales and sponsorship income.

According to the same site, Tommy Fury’s match fee is 2 million dollars. When you add the TV bonuses, the total pot rises to 4.5 million dollars.

The match, which starts at around 23:30 Finnish time on Sunday evening, can be watched by Iltalehti Plus subscribers. You can find more detailed information in the attached link.

Tyson Fury has fought as a professional 34 times, of which he has left the ring as a winner 33 times. PDO