Twenty months in prison for Hoogevener who drove into ex’s new friend

A 38-year-old man from Hoogeveen has been sentenced to 20 months in prison for attempted murder of his ex’s new boyfriend. The man drove his car into the victim at full speed. Because he jumped away in time, worse may have been prevented.

The event was at the end of September last year at a gas station at Het Haagje in Hoogeveen. The thirty-something saw his ex-girlfriend’s brand new boyfriend walking towards the gas station, turned his car, drove onto the site at full speed and rammed the facade of the gas pump.

If the man had not jumped aside in time, he would have been under the car and may not have survived the collision, the prosecutor said two weeks ago. He demanded two years in prison, with 15 months suspended.

De Hoogevener was so blinded by anger that he got out and hit his rival with a chain lock. He had sat in the car with his girlfriend out of self-protection, but was still hit on the head.

The prosecutor found attempted aggravated assault proven. The judge calls it ordinary assault. As a result, the sentence is slightly different: 20 months in prison, 11 of which are conditional. The destruction of the front of the gas station is also charged to Hoogevener.

The Hoogevener must undergo further clinical treatment and pay the victim compensation of 1500 euros. In addition, a contact ban with his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend applies for the next three years. Furthermore, the convicted person is not allowed to go on the road for six months.