Trump indicted, by Jorge Dezcallar

It’s not that I think he doesn’t deserve it because I think he deserves it, but it is still ironic that with the myriad of cases that he has open in the courts, in the end he is accused of a misdemeanor: having paid what is called ‘hush money’ there, that is, an amount of money to a porn actress full of silicone in order to avoid a scandal yet another, which could have harmed his presidential election in 2016. The problem is not the actress but illegal financing, although here with the reform of prevarication nothing would have happened.

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Trump can end up like Al Capone, that after a lifetime of killing they ended up jailing him for a minor tax issue. In any case Bragg, the New York prosecutor who has dared to indict him, has wrapped up after the decision of a grand jury of 23 independent people so that they do not say, as some already say, that this is a political persecution. The date set for his arrest is next Tuesday and if a different reception is not prepared for him, Donald Trump will receive the usual treatment of being arrested, listening to the reading of his rights, enduring the ritual of frontal and profile photos and the fingerprinting. It seems to me too much humiliation for who has ultimately been president and commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of the most powerful country in the world, who with this decision shows that no one is above the law (here some Catalan separatists seem to be) and that everyone is (almost) equal before her… He is the first president in the history of the United States to be charged with a crime and this marks a before and after right in the same week in which Joe Biden has convened the second Summit of Democracies in the midst of endless debates for inviting leaders in full authoritarian drift such as those of Poland, India or Israel and leaving out others such as Orbán (Hungary) and Erdogan (Türkiye) that they have earned it by hand. Naturally they have not been invited either Xi (China) and Putin (Russia) who have mocked the meager results of American attempts to export democracy to places as refractory to its principles as Iraq or Afghanistan. In this context, the message that, no matter how powerful, no one is above the law is very strong and can contribute to improving the battered image of American democracy itself, greatly damaged by episodes such as that of the capture of the Capitol by violent and manipulated masses who believed -in the best of cases- to act in the name of democracy itself kidnapped by corrupt politicians.

The world turned upside down in a Copernican turn for which Donald Trump himself is to blame, who even today continues to say that the election was stolen from him and that he wants to return to “make America great& rdquor; again. As if it were small. The truth is that after that assault, the strong political polarization the country is experiencing, the frequent massacres due to the number of firearms in circulation, or the recurring race riots, the image projected by North American democracy is not going through its best moment, The ‘American way of life’ is no longer envied and of course the US is no longer that “light on top of the hill & rdquor; that illuminates the world, as they like to repeat, because today democracy is in decline and 73% of the world population lives in authoritarian regimes that gain ground with each passing year. It remains to be seen the effect that the decision to impute Trump may have on the 2024 presidential elections, which may be important. Or not. Some believe it can sink him and others that it will help galvanize support for him among the grassroots. Republican Party when it began to erode after the poor results obtained by the mediocre candidates that Trump imposed in the last Mid-Term elections, and when other voices willing to fight for the nomination in the Republican primaries begin to emerge (Haley, de Santis or Pence among others still covered). There are even those who understand that the imputation is another move by Trump to exaggerate his preferred role as a victim of the system. What is already clear is that the accusation does not prevent him from being a candidate in 2024 as he claims.