The U.S. Supreme Court today cleared the way for former President Donald Trump’s tax records to be released to a parliamentary committee. The court rejected Trump’s lawyers’ request to block the transfer of the tax documents.

    Trump has been fighting a legal battle for years to prevent his tax documents from being released. But now he is being proven wrong at the highest level.

    Six-year returns

    The chairman of the important Ways and MeansIn 2019, the House of Representatives House of Representatives Committee requested Trump’s tax returns from the previous six years. The US Treasury Department, then under President Trump, opposed it. But after Joe Biden became president, the ministry did give its approval. It ordered the federal tax agency IRS to turn over the documents to the commission. Trump, however, appealed.

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    In August, a federal court in Washington DC ruled that the documents should indeed be submitted to the parliamentary committee. But according to Trump, the judges made several mistakes, after which he went to the appeals court. It decided in October that it would not accept the order to transfer the documents hold will put. Trump then moved to the very highest level with his profession.

    First president in four decades to refuse

    It is customary in the United States for presidential candidates to publish their tax returns. But Trump has always vehemently opposed that throughout his campaign and tenure. The Republican was the first president in four decades to refuse to release the documents because he wants to keep his wealth and the activities of his company secret.

    The Supreme Court in Washington, DC

    The Supreme Court in Washington, DC © ANP/EPA

    It led to years of battle between the Republican and the Democrats, who accuse him of cheating and therefore want to see his financial data and especially his tax returns. Trump sees the Democratic-led committee’s investigation into his financial past as politically motivated.


    The parliamentary committee must hurry. Due to the recent elections, Trump’s Republicans will regain power in the House of Representatives from January.

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