In De Krim, just across the border in Overijssel, a broiler farm has been diagnosed with bird flu. Due to the bird flu, there is now a transport ban in an area as far as Hoogeveen and Zuidwolde.

    There was already a transport ban in this area for, among other things, kept birds and eggs of birds. This was in force near Coevorden, because bird flu had been diagnosed just over the border in Germany. Now that transport ban has been extended to Hoogeveen and Zuidwolde. This includes Hollandscheveld and Elim.

    The Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority has cleared about 26,000 in De Krim to prevent the spread of the virus. Ten other poultry farms are located within 3 kilometers of the company where the virus was diagnosed. They are screened for bird flu by the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority.

    In view of the nature of the contamination, there is no obligation to keep and shield in the region.

    A transport ban applies to all birds and hatching and table eggs from a location with birds. The ban also applies to bird manure and used litter, and to other animals and animal products from poultry farms.