Transfer statement from Omer Erdogan in Ankaragücü! – Last minute Super League news

MKE Ankaragücü continued the preparations for the match against Gaziantep FK at Eryaman Stadium on Saturday, January 28, during the 21st week of Spor Toto Super League, with training at Beştepe Facilities.

Coach Ömer Erdoğan, who made a statement before the training, some of which was open to the press, stated that they had a good course and said, “We could not reflect the result in some matches, but I had a group of players who were promising for the future and fought very well. Thankfully, these good games paid off both with victories and with victories. We got it with points.” he said.

Noting that their work is not over yet and that they will play a very important Gaziantep FK match in the home field, Erdoğan said, “We definitely need to win at home, we continue our preparations. I hope we will be the side to score 3 points with a good football in a full stadium on Saturday, in front of our enthusiastic fans.” used the phrases.

Expressing that there is talk of a change of coach in Gaziantep FK, but what MKE Ankaragücü will do is much more important, Erdoğan said:

“We also settled some things, especially we play team defense very well. When we re-analyzed the Konyaspor match with friends, what I especially emphasized was that we played the team defense very well in Konya. If we look at the Galatasaray, Adana Demirspor and Beşiktaş cup matches we played before that, we’re looking at the football match. There was a full game, but such a football was needed in the Konya match.”

Explaining that the players should react according to the game, Erdoğan said, “Sometimes the pattern and the system of the game can change during the match. The thing that makes me happy the most is that everyone takes responsibility on the field, there is an incredible solidarity and cooperation. One of the biggest factors that lead us to success. Everyone taking responsibility, solidarity and helping each other in the field.” made its assessment.

“It would be good if we could add 4 or 5 players”

Regarding the transfer efforts, Erdogan said, “We were very crowded in terms of numbers at the time we came. Some of our players voluntarily went to clubs where they could find more opportunities, and our number decreased after we parted ways with some players that we did not think about. Now we will continue with our current player group, and we are trying to transfer in the next process. “There are players with whom we have progressed a lot, today we may even have an athlete who can join us. This is a process, we spend a lot of time with our sporting director and management, but sometimes there are issues that are beyond us.” expressed an opinion.

Noting that they identify players for every position and that there are players with whom they have made serious progress in their transfer, Erdoğan said, “The players need to make a decision, this process takes longer from time to time. Hopefully, we can add those players as soon as possible. We are currently working with 17 players, and 3 young friends from the infrastructure are among us. , there are 20 of us with them. My target is a team of 24 people, it would be good if we could add 4 or 5 players.” used the phrases.

Expressing that they are waiting for a right-back transfer, Erdogan said, “We have a deficiency in the right-back, we were thinking of a local player there, but we could not get the result we wanted. Now we have turned to foreigners, there are very serious advances. Maybe today, maybe tomorrow, a player friend will join us.” gave the information.

Evaluating their pairings with Trabzonspor in the quarter-finals of the Ziraat Turkish Cup, Erdoğan said, “There is a longer time to the cup match, our focus is on the league match right now. Of course, it is very proud to make it to the quarter finals. Hopefully, we will continue our progress in the league much healthier until the Trabzonspor match, and we will continue to fight for the cup. We want to come out with morale again.” he said.

Calling for the fans to fill the stadium on Saturday, Erdogan said, “When we have real fans, our team is much better motivated and plays with much higher concentration. Our fans made us feel confident even in our toughest days.” used the phrases.