Tourism and TV series: yes Netflix influences the holidays in the Bel Paese

V.Have you ever watched a movie or a TV series and dreamed of finding yourself in the streets of the cities in which they are set? If the answer is yes, don’t feel alone. She has just gone out a research by ENIT and Netflix which testifies how the locations films and TV series are an important vehicle for attracting international tourism. And not only…

The ENIT and Netflix studio

Last July, BASIS research evaluated limpact of Italian content on the affinity for culture and tourism in Italy. They have been interviewed 13,500 people Brazil, France, India, the United States, Spain and the United Kingdom. The whole testing 20 Netflix titles. What did the results show? First of all that Made in Italy audiovisual content has a significant potential in attracting tourists from all over the globe. But not only that: the vision of films and TV series set in Italy also pushes towards the creation of an even deeper bond with the beautiful country.

Curon the Netflix TV series set in Trentino-Alto Adige.

Globally, people who confirm that they have watched Italian content are almost twice as likely to choose our country as first desired destination of their travels compared to those who, on the other hand, say they haven’t watched any TV series or movies from our home. This increase in probability also affects those who say to want to learn Italian.

TV series and films increase international tourism

People who usually watch Italian content feel interested in Italy because of the culture (+ 27% compared to those who don’t usually watch Italian TV series and films), of people (+ 26%), of history (+ 26%). But also of the literature (+ 25%) and the kitchen (+ 21%). The confirmation that – through the story of events well inserted in a context full of history like ours – films and series have the potential to make more elements of our identity known abroad. One way to overcome cliche mince and cut. And to give a more complete picture of our lifestyle.

But the data doesn’t end there. Content such as SKAM Italy, Baby, Summertime or It was the hand of God they also have another power. Is that of entice tourists who have already visited Italy to return.

Finally, according to the study, Netflix audiences have a 50% better chance of having seen Italian content compared to people who do not use the famous platform. A fact that makes us proud Tinny Andreatta, Vice President of Netflix Italian Series. “The survey confirms the attractive and empathic power of images and stories to promote tourism and encourages collaboration between Netflix and Enit, in a spirit of mutual reference to contribute to a new, exciting discovery of Italy“.