Touring Club Italiano: three new certified paths

Stostensibility, authenticity of the tourist experience and usability of the route. These are the elements that have made it possible to three new ways to win the prestigious certification of the Italian Touring Club. It’s about the national territorial project to enhance and certify itineraries that extend from central to southern Italy.

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Walks: the three new certifications from the Touring Club

The three new routes are added to the certified path in 2020, the Path of the Wayfarer. It extends for about 50 kilometers on the east coast of Lake Como. And it goes from Abbadia Lariana to Piantedo, passing through Bellano (municipality that obtained the Orange Flag of the TCI in 2017).

THE certified paths have been selected across the “Ways and Paths” program, inaugurated in 2020after an articulated analysis process obtained by analyzing over 200 indicators which evaluates the overall quality of the tourist experience. Whether it’s signage or mobility or the variety of services dedicated to walkers.

The Northern Way of the Via di Francesco

The Northern Way of the Via di Francesco crosses Tuscany and Umbria for 189 km, stopping off in some of the most iconic Franciscan places – from Chiusi della Verna (AR) to Assisi (PG). (TCI)

Between Tuscany and Umbria, the Street of Francis it touches the places witnesses of the human adventure of the Saint who more than any other expressed his love for nature and its creatures. Of the Via di Francesco the Italian Touring Club has certified the Northern Way of the Via di Francesco which crosses Tuscany and Umbria for 189 km. The “ghost trekkers” of the TCI have fully lived the experience of the journey, collecting many positive and unique elements.

In fact, on the Camino we are much more “pilgrims” than “travellers” and it is no coincidence that you sleep in simple and essential hostels. But the structures to stop and rest are really many, well distributed and are also suitable for those looking for a less essential and sparse style of hospitality.

The Path of Celestine

The Cammino di Celestino, in Abruzzo, covers a distance of 90km which separates Sulmona (AQ) from Serramonacesca (PE), crossing the evocative panoramas of the Maiella Park. (TCI)

The Path of Celestine born in Abruzzo in 2018 on the initiative of the Maiella National Park and in its original layout it touches the rocky hermitages of Maiella and Morrone. Touring walkers they went in the footsteps of Celestino, following the original route.

A “big” journey in stages, 97 kilometers between the Morrone and the Maiellawhere places such as Sulmona, the Badia Morronese, Pacentro, Caramanico Terme, Decontra, Fonte Tettone (Maielletta), Macchie di Coco (Roccamorice), Manoppello and Serramonacesca are touched.

The walkers they traveled the “incognito” route last June, fully experiencing the spirit of the journey and grasping the aspects that make it accessible and at times, unique.

The Way of St. Francis of Paola

There Via del Giovane of the Way of San Francesco di Paolain Calabriawas born on the initiative of theAssociation of the Way of San Francesco di Paola who gathered information on the paths used by the saint to move around.

The mountainous and wooded landscapes of the Via del Giovane of the Way of San Francesco di Paola, in Calabria: 49 km for a hiking route that extends from San Marco Argentano (CS) to Paola (CS). (TCI)

The association he thus “designed” three main itineraries, for a total of about 200 kilometres distributed on the Coastal Chain, between Paola and the Crati valley, which separates these mountains from the Sila itself. The three paths are: “The Way of the Young“, from San Marco Argentano to the Sanctuary of Paola. “The way of the Hermit”, from the Sanctuary of Paterno Calabro to the Sanctuary of Paola and “The Way of the Monasteries“, from the Sanctuary of Paterno Calabro to the Sanctuary of Corigliano Calabro.

The Touring has certified “La Via del Giovane”the itinerary that from the small Cosenza town of San Marco Argentano crosses the Coastal Range and reaches the Ionian Sea, ending at the Sanctuary of Paola.

In the entirety the path measures 49 kilometres and it is a unique opportunity to get in touch with the Calabrian hinterland, among beech woods and beautiful views over the Valle del Crati and the Tyrrhenian Sea.