Total escalation: AZ and West Ham players between fighting supporters in the main stand

Immediately after the final whistle of AZ – West Ham United (0-1), riots broke out in the stadium. The disturbances started in the main stand. When invited West Ham fans started cheering in the main stand, they were attacked. Players from both teams also joined in the disturbances.

Pro Shots/Vincent de Vries

AZ supporters of the fanatical supporters behind the goal sought confrontation and had to be driven back by the Mobile Unit. AZ striker Vangelis Pavlidis and West Ham player Said Benrahma, among others, were present in the canal in front of the stands between the disturbances. A number of people were injured as a result. How much is not clear.

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AZ has been eliminated for the final of the Conference League in Prague on June 7 due to the 0-1 defeat. The Alkmaarders lost 2-1 to the English last week. Even then it was restless in the main stand where about 200 AZ guests were seated. After they started cheering at the AZ goal, the situation became so threatening that they could no longer watch the game there.