A tiny apartment for 220,000 euros on the Besterdplein in Tilburg. With 33 square meters you can just fit a sofa and bed in it. A hefty asking price, 6667 euros per square meter, but then you can use, among other things, a sauna and a sports room. You just have to share them with the other residents of the building.

    The two-room apartment has a bedroom and a living room. The bedroom is filled with a double bed. In the photos you can see that a lounge sofa that is not too large also makes the living space quite full. The previous occupant didn’t even have room for a dining table.

    Where you then have to get your living pleasure from are the shared spaces in the building. For example, you have a fitness room. Cross trainers, a treadmill and various dumbbells to exhaust yourself with. After the workout, grab your towel and walk to your ‘own’ sauna to sweat out.

    “The apartment is located on the Besterdplein in Tilburg. Close to the bustling Spoorzone and fifteen minutes to the center,” says real estate agent Koen van der Pluijm. “This is an ideal location for city dwellers. It is a cozy space where you can retreat in the middle of the city.”

    You will have your own south-facing balcony that is just wide enough to accommodate a chair. The shared balcony is a lot bigger. There are sun loungers to enjoy the sun stretched out. Here you can also go a little wider with friends and family.


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