Tilli: “Jacobs in the USA? I don’t agree”

The former sprinter on the Olympian’s decision to train with Reider: “De Grasse had a unsuccessful season with him. The methodologies are in our country”

“A choice to be respected but which I don’t agree with. There was no need to go to train in the United States.” Stefano Tilli thus comments on the decision of Olympic 100 meter champion Marcell Jacobs to move to the States at the court of coach Rana Reider. Tilli was the European indoor champion in the 60 meter dash in Budapest 1983 and for two years held the world record in the 200 meter indoors with 20″52, a record established in Turin on 21 February 1985, and still an Italian record today. Tilli was also the companion of relay of the great Pietro Mennea.


“Marlene Ottey trained for years in America but she obtained her best results by coming to train in Italy. Grenot did the same. And so did Pavoni. I would say that the experiences that other Italian athletes like Galvan have had abroad, Tumi and Fassinotti have never led to results. I am pleased to say that training sciences and methodologies are present in our country. I have been involved in athletics for 40 years and I have not seen Gigliotti, Vittori, Donati and Bosco anywhere else. If Reider is a good coach? Bromell and Bracy have disappeared from the radar a bit and I don’t know that De Grasse has trained with him. And if we want De Grasse has had a unsuccessful season.”