Tiktok app crashed when opening.

    Tiktok app crashes shortly after launch. PDO

    The social service Tiktok stopped working around the world on Thursday at noon. The app started but crashed after a few seconds on iPhones.

    Following the functionality of the websites Downdetector according to reports, the problems started around 12 noon on Thursday. The service has received notifications from all over the world, so the problem seems to have affected a really wide user base.

    It would seem that the problem only affected iPhone users, because in testing Tiktok worked normally on Android phones. It may be that the problem was related to the recent IOS 15.7 or IOS 16 update on the iPhone. However, this has not been confirmed.

    Tiktok has not reported any problems on his Twitter support account. Some users may still encounter problems with the application.

    Users have reported problems on Twitter. One user described how the problem occurs.

    If you don’t see the embed, watch it from here.