This will happen with the construction pit on the Market

An ugly gaping hole has been visible on the Markt for a long time. A construction site where a residential tower will one day be built, but where little is happening now. In collaboration with residents, a temporary use will be made for this place.

A ‘gap in the market’ has been found for now. The construction site will temporarily become a green place for relaxation and entertainment, especially for (small) children.

Tree trunks, plants and street games

In the design we see a cross track for children, a climbing wall and all kinds of games in nature. These ideas are the result of more than a hundred proposals from local residents. The site will soon consist of wild plants, small strips and trees, wood chips and tree trunks. According to this design, there will be a work of art, lighting and space for street games. In addition, the construction fences around the site will be removed. Construction will start in June.

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Preliminary design, Municipality of Zoetermeer

Play for a few years

Ultimately, the Market will get a complete metamorphosis with a city park and a residential tower. But before that happens, children can play in the temporary playground for the time being. Construction on Markt 10 is scheduled to start in three to five years.

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