A pop-up store has been opened in the former building of Nolten Schoenen. It is a fashion store with both SHEIN and SCAMM branded clothing.

    SHEIN is a very popular clothing brand among young fashion enthusiasts in particular. For a few euros you can shop the latest dresses, trousers, shoes and tops. You can only order in the webshop. but occasionally a pop-up store opens.

    Two different clothing brands

    At the front of the temporary store you will find fashion items, such as skirts, dresses and trousers, for only 6 euros from SHEIN. SCAMM’s clothes hang in the back of the store. The pop-up store is owned by a franchisee, and has nothing to do with the SCAMM or SHEIN organizations. You will find the official shop of SCAMM in the Burgemeester Westwaartspassage in the Stadshart (Amsterdamstraat).

    Temporary clothing store in the former building of Nolten Schoenen. Photo: in the neighborhood of Zoetermeer


    In the media there is a lot of attention for the dark world behind the extremely popular clothing brand SHEIN. Factory workers in China’s factories are said to be exploited. Our colleagues from NU.nl wrote about it this article about.

    It is not clear how long the temporary store will remain in the Stadshart. According to a sales employee, the building will close when the store is bought empty.

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