Six new swans in Bruges: “Others no time to make a nest”

    Bird flu was detected in some swans in September.

    “Since May, the swans have been swimming freely on the waters of Bruges again after blocking up was no longer mandatory. But because they returned to their familiar place later this year, they have no longer made nests,” says alderman of public domain Mercedes Van Volcem.

    No more bird flu

    “Since a month there have been no new findings of avian flu in swans and other waterfowl in Bruges. Because the swan population could not increase this year due to the birth of new swans, six new swans will be added to Wijngaardplein today,” says alderman Mercedes Van Volcem.

    The target is 80 to 85 swans

    They are five young animals and an adult female swan. Now there are a total of 69 swans in Bruges.

    In 2007 there were no fewer than 115 swans. “We deliberately have fewer animals for animal welfare reasons, but we are aiming for 80 or 85 swans.”