By Roberto Lamprecht

    Hertha’s supervisory board boss Klaus Brüggemann (63) rejects the criticism from presidential candidate Kay Bernstein (41).

    Brüggemann on BZ request: “Basically, I think it’s better if you talk to each other instead of about each other. But it’s important for me to make something clear: the Articles of Association provide that the Supervisory Board can make recommendations. Incidentally, Kay Bernstein’s team partner, lawyer Fabian Drescher, confirmed this in an interview on Saturday.”

    Bernstein, who wants to become the new club boss, had previously sharply criticized Brüggemann’s nomination of competitor Frank Steffel (56): “If Klaus Brüggemann had done it as a simple member, that would have been fine. But presenting this as the desired solution of the supervisory board does not do justice to the supervisory board. Klaus Brüggemann doesn’t supervise, he creates. He overestimates his skills,” said Bernstein in “kicker”.

    Former Ultra Kay Bernstein would like to become Hertha President

    Former Ultra Kay Bernstein would like to become the new Hertha President Photo: dpa

    Brüggemann: “But the fact is and that is crucial: We as the Supervisory Board have not issued any individual recommendations. As a suggesting Hertha member, I only explained why I suggested Frank Steffel with his extensive experience as an entrepreneur and in professional sports.

    Brüggemann continues: “We conducted a short interview with Frank Steffel, as we did with about 25 other candidates, and we will conduct it again and he inspired the five members of the supervisory board with his clear manner. Like about 25 others, we admitted him or will do so and proposed him for election, since the statutes currently allow little leeway for rejection. I don’t want to go into the other things, such as the accusation of superficiality, because they were internal discussions and I think that should be clarified together.”

    Former Ultra and now entrepreneur Bernstein was the first to publicize his candidacy for the presidency. At the beginning of the week, the prominent CDU politician Steffel was sent into the race by the supervisory board.