James Hewitt is finally addressing persistent rumors about whether he is Prince Harry’s father.

    James Hewitt has been rumored to be Prince Harry’s father. PDO

    For decades, there has been gossip about whether King Charles is really Prince Harry’s father, or whether he inherited it from Diana’s secret lover. Now a former officer in the British Army James Hewitt finally taking a stand on persistent rumors.

    Hewitt visits the Australian television channel’s Sunday Night program, where he is directly asked if there is any truth to the gossip.

    – No. I’m not Harry’s father.

    The host of the program wonders why there are still rumors if the answer is clear. Hewitt has an unequivocal answer to this:

    – Gossip sells. And that’s a bad thing for that guy [Harrylle].

    However, it is true that Hewitt and Diana had an affair. The romance takes place at a time when Charles was devastated by his fling with his current wife, Camilla.

    Princess Diana and Prince Harry. PDO

    The bodyguard knew

    Hewitt and Diana spent a peaceful time at the farm of Hewitt, who was known as a horseman, where they lived a quiet life, taking long walks on the beach and returning to the stables to prepare food.

    – I cooked and he did the dishes. We made dinners, we relaxed and laughed together, Hewitt continues.

    The love affair was a time when the couple couldn’t get enough of each other. Hewitt says he has no regrets about their passionate relationship.

    – It was easy to fall in love with him.

    Princess Diana died tragically in 1997. PDO

    The same Sunday Night program interviewed not only Hewitt but also Diana’s former bodyguard Ken Wharfeawho slept in a tent bed in front of the bedroom where the princess and her loved ones stayed.

    – It was clear as day what happened in the room. However, it was not my job to moralize, commented Wharfe.

    He adds how the relationship was Diana’s private life. As a bodyguard, his job was to protect the princess.

    Also Diana’s former butler Paul Burrell commented on rumors that Hewitt is Prince Harry’s father.

    Burrel considers it completely impossible, because according to him, Diana and Hewitt met when Harry was already a toddler.

    Source: The Sun

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