Thijs Römer is no longer bothered by Nena Kruizenga, his alleged victim of transgressive behaviour. She indicates that she is taking a (social) media break.

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    It has now been three months since Nena Kruizenga stood up to accuse actor Thijs Römer of transgressive behaviour. That would have taken place six years ago, when she was only 14 years old. She regularly seeks attention; for example, she told Story two weeks ago that the police are busy with it.

    Media break

    Now Nena has announced in a long video message on Twitter that she is taking a (social) media break for the time being. “I still wanted to say something about Thijs. I have of course responded to Twitter quite often lately and then I was off Twitter again and then I responded again.”

    She continues: “That’s because I find it very difficult that I still get a lot of hate, while I know things that I shouldn’t share. That is very difficult for me, because I am a sincere person and I get things that are not really worth repeating.”

    ‘I want peace’

    Nena is done with it. “I want to ask you if you can leave me alone until the matter is over, so to speak, until everything is over. Then you will hear it all for yourself. I will also no longer respond, I will no longer drop bombs and I will also stop until I can tell how and what and show evidence. It really touches me.”

    She continues: “I don’t want to cry, because I also know that people will say: ‘Good actress’, but I am not like that and I am a sincere person. I hope you see that when it’s all over and that all the haters see: okay, you know, what I’ve done can’t really be done.”

    urge to prove

    Why does Nena always seek media attention? “I just don’t have the patience and it just takes me too long, even though I know that the police are really working really hard, but I just have a little urge to prove or something. I also caused that myself by putting it on Twitter, but I don’t have to prove anything to you.”

    “It’s up to the police, I’ve done my thing and I’ve done what’s best. Now it’s not up to me anymore. That’s why I say: I stop dropping bombs. With love I throw everything online and I tell you everything and I show evidence and I know a lot, only I can’t. I hope you understand that too.”

    Video message

    Nena’s video message: