These are the largest magazines in the Netherlands

There are 9.6 million magazine readers in the Netherlands. Thus begins the MMA Magazine Media Factbook. The new presentation of the Magazine Media Associatie (the trade association) provides a numerical insight into the ‘state of magazines’ in the Netherlands. From the Factbook we extracted several top ten lists from the largest magazines in the Netherlands, each with a different angle.

The Netherlands has an enormous magazine density. There are about 1100 titles available (116 of which are affiliated with the MMA). These magazines are made for 9.6 million Dutch magazine readers. That figure from the Factbook comes from the NMO reach survey, and was established by adding up the net reach of all measured magazines. Net reach represents the number of people who have read a magazine on paper. But magazines are of course much more than just paper products. You can see that when you look at the following lists.

These are the largest magazine brands in the Netherlands

The largest magazines by brand reach (print and digital added together) are:

  • 1: Dragonfly with 3.7 million reach
  • 2: Flair with 2.5 million range
  • 3: LINDA. with 2.5 million range
  • 4: Story with 2.4 million reach
  • 5: Autoweek with 2.4 million reach
  • 6: Donald Duck with 2.0 million reach
  • 7: Margriet with 1.9 million reach
  • 8: Veronica Superguide with 1.8 million range
  • 9: Elle with 1.5 million reach
  • 10: Cosmopolitan with 1.4 million reach

These magazines have the highest reach in print

If you only look at the print range, the top ten looks different. Print range is slightly different from print run. Reach shows how many people see the magazine. The largest magazines in the Netherlands are then:

  • 1: Champion with 4.5 million reach
  • 2: Donald Duck with 1.3 million reach
  • 3: Dragonfly with 1.2 million reach
  • 4: LINDA. with 0.9 million range
  • 5: Mezza (magazine of the AD and 7 regional newspapers) with 0.7 million reach
  • 6: Woman with 0.7 million reach
  • 7: Plus with 0.7 million range
  • 8: Volkskrant Magazine with 0.6 million reach
  • 9: Private with 0.6 million range
  • 10: Quest with 0.6 million range

These magazines have the largest online reach

If you only look at the online reach, the distribution is as follows:

  • 1: Dragonfly with 2.3 million digital readers
  • 2: Flair with 2.0 million digital readers
  • 3: Autoweek with 1.7 million digital readers
  • 4: Story with 1.6 million digital readers
  • 5: LINDA. with 1.6 million digital readers
  • 6: Elle with 1.4 million digital readers
  • 7: Veronica Superguide with 1.3 million digital readers
  • 8: Cosmopolitain with 1.3 million digital readers
  • 9: Margriet with 1.2 million digital readers
  • 10: Parents of NOW with 1.0 million digital readers

These magazine brands are the most popular on social media

If we only look at social media and make a list with the most followed magazine, then there is a completely different distribution. These numbers are about the total number of likers or followers of combined networks.

  • 1: vt live with 1.504 million fans
  • 2: Playboy with 1,502 million fans
  • 3: LINDA. with 1.418 million fans
  • 4: Football International with 1.121 million fans
  • 5: Elle with 675,187 fans
  • 6: Flow with 579,642 fans
  • 7: Vogue with 512,373 fans
  • 8: National Geographic with 507,395 fans
  • 9: Donald Duck with 481,634 fabs
  • 10: Panorama with 467,816 fans

The results of the NMO reach survey show that magazines are still being read. The Dutch continue to appreciate print. Online reading of magazine content via web or apps has also become a substantial part of the reach of magazine brands. More than 50% of the reach of magazine brands now comes from digital platforms. The graph below shows the difference in reach for various titles between print and online.

Reach of Dutch magazines.  Difference between print and online.  2022

More facts: Magazine Media Factbook

In the Magazine Media Factbook, you will find many more facts and figures about the ‘state of magazines’. The initiative for the Magazine Media Factbook arose from the desire to provide stakeholders, advertisers and media agencies with up-to-date (numerical) information and inspiration about the magazine media industry in the Netherlands in an accessible and orderly manner.