Theater Aan Zee closes successful edition with 100,000 visitors

    The anniversary edition of Theater Aan Zee was a direct hit after the corona years. With 90 percent occupancy and 100,000 visitors, the organization speaks of a success. Visitors at TAZ could enjoy more than 700 stage projects spread over 40 locations. In total, 55,000 of the 61,000 tickets were sold. This year’s central theme was ‘Care’. Retiring artistic director Luc Muylaert chose the theme as the central point of departure for TAZ#2022.

    Jozefien Mombaerts, artistic director ad interim, designed a festival together with the TAZ team, with the theme under the title ‘DO YOU SEE ME?’ took shape. Several festivities were planned for the festive edition. For example, a special TAZ dance was launched. Dancer and choreographer Jotka Bauwens gave a free workshop every morning at the rear of the Kursaal to learn the unique and moving dance together.

    Following the death of guest curator and honorary rector of the VUB Caroline Pauwels, the closing evening on Saturday was dominated by her. At 6 pm a commemoration was held on the central square of Theater Aan Zee. “Farewell, ardent defender of free speech and amazement. The sudden death of guest curator Caroline Pauwels touches us deeply. The collaboration with her was one to never forget. Lots of warmth to everyone who loves her,” it sounds at TAZ.