Antenna 3 broadcasts a new gala of blind auditions of ‘The voice‘ (10:00 p.m.). The musical talent will feature two talents from ‘La Voz Kids’: Noemí who was a finalist for Melendi and Esperanza, from Vanesa Martín’s team in 2018. In addition, Esperanza posted a video on her networks in full confinement singing the song ‘My hero’ by Antonio Orozco, and he and Fonsi also uploaded it to their networks. It will be a very special moment when she and Antonio sing this beautiful song on stage. Blockades will be the order of the day, especially for Fonsi, and Laura Pausini’s expressions will continue to unleash laughter among her teammates.

    Anabel Pantoja returns to Telecinco

    For his part, the ‘Deluxe‘ is again the bet of Telecinco for this Friday night (10:00 p.m.). On this occasion, the program presented by Jorge Javier Vázquez will again receive Anabel Pantoja, who returns to the Mediaset chain after a long vacation around the world with Yulen Pereira, her current partner.

    the sixth broadcasts tonight a new report of ‘Research team’ (10:30 p.m.). The space presented by Gloria Serra tries to decipher what happened ‘The last night of Esther López’. For the first time, Inés, the girl’s little sister, opens the doors of her house to the media. Together with her, the program reconstructs Esther’s last steps: she went out to a bar to watch a soccer game and ended up meeting Carolo and Óscar, her last two friends to see her alive. The program’s reporters manage to talk to the men on whom the Civil Guard focuses throughout their investigation and have access to statements and illuminating voice notes sent between the protagonists of this story, and they have found the one that for the agents is the main suspect, who is still on the street without the application of precautionary measures by the investigating judge of the case.

    Four program tonight (10:15 p.m.) a new installment of ‘In the spotlight‘. The space will investigate the complaints against the president of the RFEF, Luis Rubiales, for organizing parties supposedly paid for with money from the Federation. The program has located the chalet where they took place and has obtained the testimony of a footballer based in Granada who was in charge of organizing them. The investigation will include an interview with Cayetano Martínez de Irujo, who is closely familiar with Rubiales’ controversial actions and whose confrontation with him has been in court for years.

    Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts, together in La 1

    A new pass of ‘Conspiracy‘comes tonight to the 1 on TVE (10:15 p.m.). Jerry Fletcher (Mel Gibson), an eccentric New York taxi driver, is convinced that the world is governed by large-scale conspiracies of which we are all victims, and that is the main topic of conversation with his clients. Everyone takes him for crazy. Jerry assures everyone that NASA is causing earthquakes and that he will assassinate the President while he is in Turkey. He doesn’t stop harassing Alice (Julia Roberts), the young DA’s assistant who doesn’t know how to get him off her back. But, suddenly, events seem to prove him right: some men who seem to be government agents kidnap him and torture him. After managing to escape, Alice begins to think that maybe Jerry is not as crazy as everyone assumes.