The Veikkausliiga star was a victim of outrageous tricks – He wondered on social media: “Rugby or American football?”

HJK’s social media account also commented on the tackle on the Konkar player.

Atomu Tanaka received harsh treatment from Haka’s players. Matti Raivio/AOP

In Saturday’s Veikkausliiga round, HJK took a clear 2–0 victory over Valkeakoski Haka, who visited Helsinki.

For the club’s midfielder To Atomu Tanaka needless to say the match was physical. The Japanese hero was the target of outrageous tricks when Haka was two goals down.

In the 58th minute of the match, the Haka defender ran towards HJK’s goal Ryan Mahuta totally surprised Atom by running into this from behind. The 35-year-old Japanese fell on Bolt’s artificial turf and stayed in place for a while.

After recovering from the collision, Atom pointed towards Mahuta for a long time, telling the others who was to blame for the hit from the blind spot. Mahuta didn’t get a card and HJK didn’t get a free kick.

Atom cut the tackle from the game recording and posted it on his social media channels. HJK’s official social media account also decided to comment.

– Is this rugby or American football, Atom wonders.

– Maybe hockey? Blocking, two-minute time-out, HJK’s some team responds.

The Japanese apparently got under the skin of Haka’s players, as the man was the victim of another prank at the end of the match. Atom first fought Hakan in a bump situation Janne-Pekka Laine with. The Japanese’s elbow was high and he hit Laine in the head with it, after which Haka, who was watching the situation on the sidelines, got number ten Stavros Zarokostas took revenge by stepping on the Japanese ankle.

Atom also shared this moment on Facebook.

– How about this, Atom asked for opinions.

Four-time Veikkausliiga champion Atom was upset again for a while, but was able to finish the last minutes of the match. HJK already captured its fourth win of the season and continued unbeaten at the top of the league.

Haka, who suffered a loss, is in tenth place after Saturday’s games. It has two points from four games.