“The tabloids listened to all my calls to Chelsy”

AND clash between prince Harry and the lawyers of Mirror GroupsThat the second son of Charles III accuses of obtaining information illegally, through unauthorized wiretapping. The Duke of Sussex mentions more than 140 articles, published in the British media giant’s tabloids from 1996 to 2010, and which he suspects were written using the contents of private messages and phone calls. Information then passed off as revelations obtained from “sources in the palace” or “friends of the couple”. But defense attorneys ask: «Where’s the evidence?».

Prince Harry upon arriving at court in London, for the second day of his testimony, June 7, 2023 (WireImage)

Prince Harry: ‘Chelsy and I hadn’t talked to anyone about our problems’

In an article published in 2007 by Daily Mirrorthe newspaper revealed the end of the love story between Harry and Chelsy Davy. According to the tabloid, it was Davy who dumped the prince. «Chelsy and I hadn’t told anyone about it» Harry stated in court. «I find that very suspicious. In those days we just talked to each other and left several messages to discuss the problems we were going through».

That fight on the phone that nobody knew about except the tabloids

The previous year, the Mirror had published an article about Harry being caught in a seedy strip club, revealing that, when it got wind of it, Chelsy flew into a rageabruptly interrupting a phone call from the prince. «The published details about the precise times and length of the calls are far too specific» commented Harry, revealing that he had also found a tracking device in Davy’s car, planted by an investigator.

Prince Harry makes surprise appearance in London for tabloid lawsuit

Suspicious phone calls from reporters to Chelsy Davy

In January 2009, the Sunday Sunday Mirror published an article about another alleged split between Harry and Chelsy, revealing that, in the previous week, the two had had several rather tense meetings. She accused him of loving being a soldier more than being her fiancée.

Those “meetings,” Harry claims, however, were actually telephone conversations in which no one else had attended or witnessed, apart from the prince and Chelsy. AND Davy also received several phone calls from journalists, despite the fact that the girl hadn’t given her private number to anyone but Harry.

Prince Harry: «I feel violated»

«Seeing the black and white data of our phone calls, I realized how much journalists could have listened to everything we said to each other» said the prince. Which he also mentioned his dinner with TV presenter Caroline Flackwho committed suicide three years ago. The two found the paparazzi stationed outside the restaurant, awaiting their arrival. But the couple hadn’t told anyone where their secret meeting would be held.

Lawyer lectures Prince Harry

Not hiding a certain tiredness, after eight hours of interrogation, the prince also showed himself quite emotional when, at the end of his testimony, he was asked how he felt. But as already on the first day, Harry he clashed repeatedly with lawyerswho accused him of speculating on illegal wiretaps, without providing any real evidence.

And also irritating the lawyers was Harry’s habit of answering questions with more questions. Enough to push Andrew Green, the illustrious lawyer who represents the Mirror Groups, to remind him: «Prince Harry, I’m the only one asking questions here».

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