The most popular places to buy clothes in Finland are markets such as Prisma, K-Citymarket and Tokmanni. Style editor Ira Juvonen visited the selection.

    Every year I am surprised that Trade union studies according to Finland’s most popular places to buy clothes are, among others, Prisma, K-Citymarket and Tokmanni.

    I went to get to know the clothing selection of supermarkets and made it my goal to find one outfit per supermarket.

    It should probably be said that I usually prefer second hand or products from domestic manufacturers in my clothing purchases. The material of the product and the country of manufacture are important criteria for me when I get something new for myself.


    If you want to buy fashion from a supermarket, I personally would prefer Prisma in this case. Their selection also includes products made of good materials. There is also a gratifying number of domestic brands.

    The prices of the products are therefore slightly higher than for example in K-Citymarket or Tokmanni, but a product made of good material pays for itself many times over thanks to its durability.

    Prisma’s selection surprised the supplier with its good price-quality ratio. PASI LEISMA

    In Prisma’s clothing selection, you can find some up-to-date selection in terms of trends. In addition to this, traditional options such as solid color sweaters and jeans are available. You can make good purchases from Prisma in terms of price-quality ratio.

    Reasons for choosing an outfit: I could have found several outfits in Prisma’s selection, but in the end I ended up with jeans and a sweater, which is 90% wool and 10% cashmere wool.

    Jeans and a quality white sweater are pieces of clothing that can be combined with many different outfits. They hold their surface year after year. Good materials and the versatility of the products were the main reasons for choosing these pieces of clothing.


    K-Citymarket’s selection is quite narrow and simple. That’s why you can easily find classic clothes there, such as a white t-shirt or a white collared shirt.

    Their selection also included timeless-looking knitwear, but you should pay attention to the material.

    You can find classic products for yourself in K-Citymarket’s selection. PASI LEISMA

    Reasons for choosing an outfit: Right now, polo shirts are trendy, so I made this choice because of that. Jeans, on the other hand, are one of this year’s trendiest materials.

    Flared jeans are not the trendiest jeans choice this season, but I couldn’t find a loose model. This outfit is flattering with its colors and is a simple everyday look.


    I wouldn’t qualify for anything from Tokmanni’s clothing selection, because the materials of the products were not to my liking. My skin is sensitive, so artificial fibers easily irritate it.

    There were nice-looking clothes in the selection, but almost every product was made of polyester or other artificial fibers. Especially with shirts, artificial fibers are a problematic choice. During the day, feeling in a synthetic fiber shirt quickly becomes tight and stuffy.

    Tokmanni’s black and white ensemble looks good, but the materials of the products cannot be praised. PASI LEISMA

    Reasons for choosing an outfit: I chose wide-legged black pants and a white sweater from Tokmanni’s selection. Black and white is a forever stylish combination. Currently, wide-leg pants are also a trendy choice. The pants are comfortable to wear. The size of the legs is long for you, so these should be worn with thick-soled or otherwise high-heeled shoes.

    The white sweater is 50% acrylic and 50% cotton. Cotton is a good material, but acrylic ruins its benefits. As a material, acrylic is one that I am not willing to pay a penny for.

    The look looks nice and exudes a classic spirit. I think this outfit combination looks the best on me, but due to the weak material, these products would not find a place in my wardrobe.


    The clothing selections of Prisma, K-Citymarket and Tokmanni certainly vary by store, so my conclusions are based on the selections of the stores visited.

    As I said before, I am particular about what kind of materials I use. The country of manufacture and the price of the product are also important things when I consider the purchase of a new product.

    It is always worth looking at what material and where the product is made before making a purchase decision. PASI LEISMA

    In the markets, I found quite good-looking clothes, but there is room for improvement in the materials.

    Regrettably, many products in the selection of supermarkets were mainly polyester or other artificial fibers. Polyester is a material that can very rarely be recommended. The comfort of use is almost zero, because the product does not breathe at all. My skin is quite sensitive, so a product made of polyester feels quite rough against the skin, even a bit stinging.

    The prices of the products make you wonder if almost anyone has received enough salary during the production of the product. Products that are too cheap can never be recommended for purchase with a clear conscience.

    There are many options in markets, but more attention should be paid to quality. PASI LEISMA

    If the financial situation is weak, but there is a need for new clothes, it is definitely worth putting a few euros aside for several months and get a good quality product when you have enough money in savings. You can also make great bargains at flea markets.

    Cheap clothes often get ruined right after the first wash. The poor can’t afford to buy cheap, they say – I totally agree with this.

    You should also prefer classic clothes in purchases that remain fashionable year after year.

    In my eyes, Prisma is the overwhelming winner when it comes to market fashion. I think I might make clothing choices from there someday.