The Prosecutor’s Office only requests monthly appearances for the former anti-drug chief of the Civil Guard in the Strait

04/12/2023 at 20:03


David Oliva is being investigated for pressuring a subordinate with the intention of obtaining confidential information from investigations related to drug trafficking

The Prosecutor’s Office has only asked the judge of the National Court Alejandro Abascal, who has questioned three civil guards this Wednesday for the crimes of revealing secrets and bribery, to order monthly appearances by the uniformed officers, including the former drug enforcement chief Civil Guard in the Strait David Olive, according to a spokesman for the Public Ministry.

This lieutenant colonel, who was relieved of his post in September 2022, was investigated for allegedly pressure a subordinate. He intended, with this, to obtain confidential information from investigations linked to drug trafficking, sources from the Civil Guard explained to this newsroom.

The crime of bribery is imputed to the ex-commander of the Civil Guard because in order to obtain information on the case, he would have reached offer a job in the Southern Drug Trafficking Coordination Agency (OCON), which he himself directed. This body was created by the Ministry of the Interior in 2018 to deal with the threat of drug trafficking clans in the Campo de Gibraltar.