The PP treats Tamames with a white glove and attacks Sánchez: “Leave with dignity”

cuca gamarraspokesman for the PP in Congress, has taken advantage of his intervention in the motion of censure to sell his party as the defender of the “moderate majority” of Spain and charge against Pedro Sánchez. The one he has saved from the taunts It has been the candidate for the presidency of the Government presented by Vox, Ramón Tamames. “This debate is extemporaneous and useless and for this reason the PP will follow its own path. Which does not prevent us from showing our respect for Mr. Tamames. You represent a Spain in which we also believe”, Gamarra gave the professor as a gift as soon as he went up to the rostrum. The end of his speech, on the other hand, was dedicated to Sánchez: “You know that you deserve this motion of censure and it will be the Spanish who do it with the elections. Don’t prolong the life of a government in decomposition, despite this truce of 48 hours that have been given. Leave with dignity.”

“Yolanda Díaz yesterday was proclaimed the White brand of Pedro Sánchez at the head of Podemos”, has launched Gamarra

The conservative spokeswoman has explained why her deputies will abstain from voting on the motion. She has said that there “some matching items” with the speech of Tamames, but he is neither his “candidate” nor does he defend his “project”. “We did not vote against it out of respect for you, Mr. Tamames,” he told him. “We thank you for coming to what was your home, but we cannot go any further,” he continued. “Spain is waiting for an alternative, but it’s not you”, he has released at another time.

These lines established, Gamarra has gone on to charge against Sánchez and has returned to regret that Vox has given this float to the coalition government, which this Tuesday took advantage of the debate to present the electoral tandem (Sánchez-Yolanda Díaz). “To Pablo churches an outstanding student has come out as Yolanda Díaz, who yesterday was proclaimed the White brand of Pedro Sánchez at the head of Podemos”, has launched the conservative deputy, also general secretary of the PP.

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Gamarra sees Sánchez as a president in the hands of the pro-independence parties, whom he pardoned, repealed the crime of sedition and reformed the crime of embezzlement. In the next legislature, if he continues in Moncloa, he sees him as a head of the Executive at the risk of the needs of those formations. “He would be a intervened presidentbut the Spanish we are going to stop them at the polls“, he assured.

The number two of the PP has also taken the opportunity to talk about Alberto Núñez Feijóo. His leader does not have a seat in the Congress of Deputies and he has not wanted to approach this debate even as a listener. If a meeting with ambassadors of the European Union was sought on Tuesday, this Wednesday he will fly to Brussels, where he has requested a meeting with the president of the European Council, Ursula von der Leyen. He has wanted to put himself in profile and go unnoticed, although both Vox and Sánchez have mentioned him in his interventions in the debate. These references in Congress and also at rallies, according to Gamarra, are “revealing.” “They already see Feijóo more as president of the Government than Pedro Sánchez. And they do well… because he is already very close,” he said.