The Helsinki police have started a preliminary investigation into the videotaped mass fight.

    The Helsinki Police has started a preliminary investigation into the video footage they received of the mass fight, which is suspected to show supporters of HJK ​​and FC Lahti. According to the police’s assessment, the video was filmed in 2019.

    The video obtained by Iltalehti shows how two groups start to approach each other on the road at the same time. When encountering others, groups dressed in different colors start using indiscriminate violence against each other. The brawlers are encouraged to approach with various shouts, some of which refer to futs fandom.

    The video is not recommended for sensitive people.

    According to the police, the case is being investigated as participation in a fight, but the title may be specified or changed later.

    – The preliminary investigation aims to find out the identities of the parties appearing in the video, the place of the event and the more precise course of events, says the head of the investigation, the crime commissioner Tommi Lehtonen in the bulletin.

    The incident was first reported by MTV.