The parable of Salvador Illa, by Josep Cuní

“The PSC bets strongly to win the elections in Catalonia. And the only ones who can beat the PSC are Esquerra Republicana. We already did it twice last year.” Marta Vilalta’s tweet reflected the upcoming struggle and the electoral body to body that was sought. End of 2020. In parallel, Junts, not wanting to be outdone, also raised its strategy in its rivalry with the Socialists. Having to hide and not being able to shamelessly with his pro-independence partners for their forced alliances of such a resounding end, They found in Laura Borràs the possibility of breaking through as a battering ram against those who were leaving the Ministry of Health to run for the presidency of the Generalitat.

And that is how Salvador Illa Roca (La Roca del Vallés, May 5, 1966) became the center of an election that he won. He did it on Valentine’s Day 2021, that was the date chosen, it is not clear whether to dilute the commerciality of the lovers’ festival in contrast to the Catalan tradition, which associates the song of love with Sant Jordi, or to try to that environmental fluids permeate the ballot boxes of a passion that was fading.

The ‘procés’ began to show signs of fatigue, the differences between the false independent friends surfaced, the route had lost its leaf and no one seemed to have any other alternative to the general blockade than keep kicking the ball forward knowing that there was no striker to finish off the play. For this reason, the until then minister of the pandemic proposed overcoming the model that had dominated Catalonia for the last five years. A must have for the economic recovery that he wanted to promote and that, in turn, should be the result of social reconstruction, without which there was no illusion. The complicity of Pedro Sánchez ventured him to insist on a certain, subtle, federal look at Spain. The one that could be drawn with the collaboration of the support of the legislature and that have become the base of the attacks of the Spanish right, mutated into an essential ally of secessionism. They were simply needed. And even.

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Almost two years later, Pere Aragonès has found his savior in Illa. The deal for this week’s budgets has forced Esquerra to swallow some toads giving the pact reflux of indigestion. Because, euphemisms aside, what has been signed is much closer to the content of the electoral program of the PSC summarized in the four points mentioned, than to the generic approaches of the party of Oriol Junqueras, much more given to imprecise rhetoric than to compromising concreteness. But that is politics and no one should be shocked by it. On the contrary. The country should breathe a little easier, plug its ears before the roar of the usual war drums, get away from the prophets of the apocalypse that never comes, breathe the lightness of the moment and inhale the fresh air of returning home.

There will be time for disagreements. At the moment, the current file notarized attests to the fulfillment of Salvador Illa’s words on election night: “the very clear victory in votes has a meaning for me: turn page. meet again & rdquor ;. It was written. Like in the Gospels. Parable of the prodigal son. Who will assume the role of the repentant sinner?