The Palma Police free Tom, a mixed-breed dog who had been chained for ten years and out in the open on a rustic farm

02/03/2023 at 20:12


Agents locate the animal in a house in the Son Anglada neighborhood and open a file on the owner in case a sanction for mistreatment proceeds | Volunteers from Son Reus, where the dog has been transferred, warn that it will not be easy to recover it, but they do not close the door of hope

The life of Toma ten year old mongrel dogit was one sentence as long as its own existence. His world was reduced to four meters in diameter in which it had been confined and chained. At three months old, when he was still a little puppy, Tom was chained by his owner outside a farm in the Son Anglada neighborhood, in Palma. And from there he had never been able to move, beyond the radius of what his iron ligature allowed him, a whole decade tiedalways outdoors, in summer and winter, only with a hut in which he could not take refuge because it was too small.

The tom’s dooma black mestizo very similar to a mallorcan shepherdended the past January 3when he was released by a unit of the Palma Neighborhood Police who discovered his presence and the deplorable conditions in which he lived in a rustic farm They are Angladabetween the neighborhoods of they are rock and the Dry of the Royal.

According to the police account, the The owner admitted that he had not treated him properly in his entire life. And she gave up on him. and the agents they opened a case filethey sent it to Animal health in case it proceeds penalty for animal abuse for the owner and finally unchained Tomthat in the first image that the crazy policehe will let stroke under the chinto.

The agents of the Local police moved Tom to Son Reus Municipal Animal Protection Health Centerwhere it will try to recover and search a second chance with a family that knows how to love it. He entered Son Reus with a surprised face, with that image he was photographed for his offer form for adoption and assigned to the cage 51. From now on center volunteers they will teach sightseeingaclive with the 154 dogs waiting for adoption already socialize with people. Although as these point out it will not be an easy task.

Situations that “are usually associated with abuse and poor nutrition”

“Not long ago we came across a case very similar to that of Tom“, explains Loretta Falasco, president of the Son Reus Peluditos Association, which promotes responsible adoption and volunteers. “He was a Majorcan shepherd, a ca de bestiar, also mature, who had been chained all his life and had buckshot injuries to his legs,” she explains. “It wasn’t easy for him to learn to socialize with people and other dogs, and he never really adjusted,” she laments. “These situations usually also assume that the dogs have suffered from abusive conditions and very poor nutrition,” she warns. “In addition – she adds – in that case the dog suffered from rheumatism and an injury to a vertebra for all the years in which he had remained chained outdoors”, she comments.

“But everything will depend on the character of the dog and how it adapts to its new life,” resolves Loretta Falasco, who does not close the door on Tom having a second chance with a new family.