The National Police knew the whereabouts of the perpetrators of the deadly robbery at the bingo Tortosa, in which a fifty-year-old employee died, because she was following this gang from Tortosa. She also Civil Guard I was aware of his activity. But not so the Mossos d’Esquadra.

    The members of this group had robbed other bingos and commercial establishments in Navarra and since then they were being investigated by state bodies, who knew that they were in this town in southern Catalonia.

    When this Monday morning three hooded men robbed the bingo Vali Parklocated in the Plaza de la Corona d’Aragó in Tortosa, the National Police deduced that they must be the same suspects and informed the Catalan police, who were able to set up a device to arrest them a few hours after what happened.

    Three arrested released

    In the operation activated after the notice of the National Police, the Mossos arrested five people in the center of Tortosa. But this Tuesday at eleven in the morning he has released three of them. The operation remains open and new arrests are not ruled out.

    According to ‘La Vanguardia’, one of the three hooded men involved was able to flee and has crossed the border into France. The three people whose arrest the Catalan investigators have annulled would not be, apparently, directly linked to the bingo robbery, in which, in addition to the murder of a woman, another man, one of the few clients who in the early hours of This Monday he was in the establishment, he was shot from which he is recovering despite the seriousness.

    They planned a robbery

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    The researchers maintain as the main hypothesis of the tragic events that occurred in the Vali Park bingo that the authors only intended Steal in the establishment but they lost their nerve during the assault and ended up opening fire. Although she has surprised the agents the extreme violence that they used, going so far as to murder the bingo worker – to keep the loot from a modest bingo hall in Tortosa –, the trajectory of the criminals in Navarra indicates that until now they had not used such disproportionate force in their assaults.

    In fact, the debate now focuses on that question: if they were being investigated by the police, could something more have been done to prevent the death of the worker?