One of the great successes that he has achieved Paul MotoIn recent days (‘El hormiguero’, A-3 TV) he has achieved it with a can of mussels. oh! It has been a long television moment that deserves attention and study.

    It happened when all of a sudden they brought a beautiful brand new car onto the set and Motorcycles chose a creature at random from the audience, and said: «If you guess how many mussels are in this can of mussels… you take the car!». oh! How the girls in the stands roared, all of them happy and excited, raising their hands because they also wanted to participate in the mussel count. Never had a humble can of bivalve mollusks generated such unprecedented expectations.

    motorcycles proceeded to open the plate of the container. He yanked on the buckle. The chosen creature estimated that there were 16 pieces inside. And then he proceeded to the television ‘show’. motorcyclessurrounded by cameras to focus on the can from all possible angles, and armed with a fork, he was extracting mussels mussels –unctuous because they were pickled– and the public recounted, in chorus, enthusiastically, as if their lives depended on them: “One two three four…”. It got to 15, because there were only 15. So the poor guy chosen from the public didn’t take the vehicle or anything at all. But yes, he left happy because that can of mussels had given him a few minutes of television glory. A motorcycles the same thing happened to him. She laughed, she enjoyed herself, she celebrated having filled almost 10 minutes of television counting mussels from a tin, surely bought in the Pakistani crap shop on the corner.

    In 1977, in the program ‘Esta noche fiesta’ of Jose Maria Inigo (TVE-1) appeared Tony LeBlanc, sat down in a chair, and proceeded to peel an apple and eat it. Speechless. Without music. Just the soft chew of Tony gulping down a gorgeous golden. That today is usually remembered as a surreal stroke of genius. Forty-five years later, the motorcycles With the can of mussels, and the stroller as an advertising promotion for the vehicle brand, it is no more than great business on a children’s playground background. You have to keep the kids entertained. It seems to me that what was inside the can were not mussels. We were ourselves. Pickled.

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