The Jokerit legend crashed in front of the school – Got fined

The police fined Keijo Säilynoja for endangering traffic safety.

Keijo Säilynoja was guilty of endangering traffic safety. Jarno Kuusinen/AOP

The Jokerit legend Keijo Säilynoja53, was fined for endangering traffic safety according to the punishment order confirmed by the Prosecutor’s Office.

In August, Säilynoja drove at a speed of 58 kilometers per hour near a primary school in Espoo, even though the speed limit was 30 kilometers per hour. The speed limit was 28 kilometers per hour, which the police confirmed with the radar.

According to the penalty order, the ex-hockey player’s actions were likely to cause a danger to another’s safety.

The police fined Säilynoja 16 days, which meant that his income was 512 euros. A crime victim’s fee of 40 euros was also added.

Säilynoja won four Finnish championships in Jokeri, one silver and one bronze. He played 420 regular season matches in the SM league with an output of 142+139=281. In a total of 53 playoff matches, the forward scored 14 goals and provided 11 assists leading to goals.

Säilynoja represented Finland in two World Championships and the Albertville Olympics. In the prize cabinet is the World Cup silver from 1992.

After his career, the ex-hockey player has worked as CEO of Helsinki Halli oy, the Jokerien SM league team and the Finnish Volleyball Association, among others.