The Japanese ice cream became an instant hit: “Outrageously good, 5/5”

Mochi, or Japanese rice pastry, is sold out in stores immediately.

Japanese-style rice cakes filled with ice cream, or mochi, are sold out of stores.

It was, among other things, a real hit at Lidl’s Asian theme week in January, which sold out immediately. Lidl’s communication says that the mochi disappeared from all Lidl stores in less than a week.

Mochi ice cream will soon be available in Kesko’s assortment. Eeva Paljakka

Lidl promises that even more sales batches are coming to the stores, but their timing is not yet known. Lidl offers four flavors: coconut, vanilla, chocolate and mango sorbet.

The mochi craze has also been noticed at Kesko. In January-February of this year, there has been a 100 percent increase in their sales.

Mochi ice cream in two flavors, caramel and tropical, will also be available in K-shops’ ice cream tubs during March.

– Mochi is predicted to be a new trend on the shelves, says Kesko’s director of grocery sales and own brands Created by the wind.

Tropical mochi tastes tangy and fresh. Eeva Paljakka