In such costumes, the celebrants arrived in Himos Midsummer.

    A lot of people in glittering makeup have come to the festival. ATTE KAJOVA

    After two corona summers, the time has come again to enjoy the festival summer at full capacity.

    The three-day Himos Midsummer Festival will still be held this Midsummer in Jämsä, Himos. About 7,000 festival-goers are expected in Himos today, and about 10,000 on Friday and Saturday each day. Iltalehti follows the festivals on site throughout Midsummer.

    The gates of the event area opened this afternoon and festival-goers began to flow into the area in more stunning costumes. We collected style samples from the Midsummer party.

    A lot of men in lively costumes can be seen in the festival area. ATTE KAJOVA

    This partyer has also chosen a flashy costume. ATTE KAJOVA

    The costumes are also visible to women. These buddies each have a different colored suit jacket. ATTE KAJOVA

    These celebrants rely on propeller hats that have become the classic outfits of the festival. ATTE KAJOVA

    Instead, these buddies have animal-style hats. ATTE KAJOVA

    The sparkle is visible not only in the make-up but also in the clothes. ATTE KAJOVA

    The members of this trio have chosen glittering jackets. ATTE KAJOVA

    This duo is celebrating at festivals in captain costumes. ATTE KAJOVA

    Lei is a popular festival costume in Himos. ATTE KAJOVA

    The members of this group of guys have tuned their outfits themselves. ATTE KAJOVA

    The tuning continued on site. ATTE KAJOVA

    This is what the Himos Midsummer Festival looked like in 2021.