The Himos Midsummer Festival is now celebrated.

    The Himos Juhannus festival in Himos, Jämsä has come to an end. A total of 30,000 people attended the three-day Midsummer Festival. Midsummer was celebrated in almost 30 degrees heat, accompanied by favorite artists and bands.

    Iltalehti talked to the festive people on the spot during Midsummer. The best aspects of the festival celebration are, according to the visitors, the friends gathered on the spot and the general celebration. You can watch the rest of the moods in the compilation video above.

    The festival was celebrated by the favorite band Haloo Helsinki. The band started with a song Don’t jog.

    – Himos! Excerpt ready to dance? Elli Haloo shouted to the audience and the party started the song Reivi Cave when it rings.

    Haloo Helsinki’s performance included a lot of pyrotechnics. ATTE KAJOVA

    Helsinki soloist Elli Haloo. ATTE KAJOVA

    Singer Behm was the highlight of the early evening. Behm laughed at the audience with his nascent interludes and reminded the audience to drink water on a hot day.

    – Just to know that a three-liter mojito bucket is not liquefied. Drink water. and liquor, Behm joked.

    A surprising incident was also seen at Behm’s gig as an avid fan broke into the stage. A middle-aged man handed the singer a necklace, after which the man was quickly removed from the stage by law enforcement officers. Behm was stunned by the situation, but even urged the audience to give applause to the man. After the applause, Behm asked the rest of the audience to stay on the main floor.

    Behm’s delicate songs danced to the audience on Midsummer’s Day. ATTE KAJOVA

    Behm’s gig was enjoyed in the front row. ATTE KAJOVA

    Behm’s interludes laughed at the audience. ATTE KAJOVA

    The audience also remembered singer Ellinoora and the band Teflon Brothers, which were heard late Saturday.

    – Prefer Himos than lust! Teflonien Heikki Kuula exclaimed to the audience, who roared wildly in front of the trio.

    Ellinoora participated in her performance with her folk songs. ATTE KAJOVA

    The saint is one of the performers of the band Teflon Brothers. ATTE KAJOVA