The hem of Emma Kimiläinen’s dance dress fell below the waist in the TTK performance – Says straight words about the situation

Car athlete Emma Kimiläinen says that the problem with the dress was known, but they were unable to solve it before the start of the live broadcast.

Matti Puro and Emma Kimiläinen dance quickstep on the parquet. Matti Matikainen

Racing driver Emma Kimiläinen and dance coach Matti Puro were able to continue Dancing with the Stars in the competition. The couple danced quickstep, which is known as a fast-paced and elegant dance form.

The two are happy about getting to the next stage, but Kimiläi was saddened by the adversity that happened in the show. The car racer says in her Instagram stories that she had problems with her dress, which affected their dance performance.

– Everything was going great until my dress got stuck under my high heels. It messed up our flow and made us make mistakes, he opens in the story section.

– I was annoyed because we knew about the problem with the dress in question, and we weren’t able to solve it, he states.

Emma Kimilää was annoyed that her dress had a negative effect on their performance. Matti Matikainen

The racing driver emphasizes that they knew all the dance moves. Despite the unfortunate setback, Kimiläinen intends to take an optimistic view of what happened.

– This is just a reminder that people don’t know how it (the show) should go. Mistakes only seem big to us, Kimiläinen reflects.

– It is important to move forward. I’m proud that we still survived the situation, got over it and got good marks from the judges, he adds at the end.

The duo performed first during the evening and received the second best scores of the evening from the judges, i.e. 8, 9 and 9. They raised the bar for the evening’s competition, as they received resounding applause and praise from the judges with their performance.

It was the program’s first elimination episode and the editor had to leave the competition Jussi Heikelä and a returning dance teacher Claudia Ketonen. The dance couple performed an emotional waltz, but their scores were not enough to continue.