09/17/2022 at 08:00


    Rafaela Pimenta will meet with the big clubs to talk about the Norwegian Erling Haaland

    The Brazilian lawyer already has an appointment with Real Madrid and PSG

    The market never rests. It does not matter if the federal windows are open or closed: when it is not time to seal operations, it is a matter of preparing them. There is no week in which the big names of the moment do not monopolize all kinds of rumors or news regarding their future. And more if we take into account that two of the great cracks of the present, Mbappe and Haaland, They enjoy two tailor-made contracts with different escape clauses in the medium term.

    Let’s go with the case of the Norwegian. Days after signing his transfer to Manchester City Some details of his brand new contract began to be known. The most important thing, for market purposes, is that Haaland can leave City in 2024. A simple fact that serves to move the tree day in and day out. And even more so if we take into account that in a couple of seasons, clubs like Real Madrid or Barça will have to rethink the future of their two killers: Benzema and Robert Lewandowski.

    aware of this, Raphael Pimenta has come into play. And it is time to learn her name because she is called to be part of the select club of agents capable of conditioning current football.

    The Brazilian lawyer has assumed most of the soccer agenda of Mino Raiola. In fact, during the last months of the agent’s life, aware of the seriousness of his illness, Rafaela Pimenta was already present at some of the meetings that Raiola held at his home in Monaco to hear and negotiate the latest offers for Haaland.


    Pimenta is already sailing alone and in the coming weeks she has already announced that she intends to meet with the big European clubs to discuss all kinds of issues regarding her clients. Curiously, one of the first to move a token has only one other than the real Madrid. Haaland is still in the spotlight and the tandem formed by Florentino Pérez and José Ángel Sánchez does not want to miss another opportunity to take the lead in the event that the Norwegian striker decides to execute his exit clause at Manchester City.

    In addition to Real Madrid, PSG also has an appointment, in their case very aware of what they decide to do Mbappe with your future. The Frenchman, Haaland-style, also enjoys an escape route that he can exercise unilaterally.

    And Barca? President Joan Laporta months ago he had the opportunity to meet Rafaela Pimenta. The Barça president always maintained a close relationship with Mino Raiola and in various meetings he had the opportunity to talk with his most trusted lawyer. Now, surely, he will also have his chance to join the select group of clubs that, two years from now, could be in a position to face the 150 million clause that would allow Haaland to pack up and leave the Premier. And it is already known that the Norwegian has always expressed his desire to play sooner or later in the Spanish League.