“The heir confesses.” SPORT exclusive interview with Zubimendi


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“The heir confesses”, exclusive interview of SPORT to Zubimendi

Barça forgives Roma

“The Heir Confesses”, is the front page of SPORT for today, Wednesday, March 22, 2023. Zubimendi has received SPORT in Las Rozas during the concentration with the Spanish National Team. The midfielder, Xavi Hernández’s desire to be the substitute for Busquets, has spoken about Barça, Luis de la Fuente and the current situation of the ‘Red’.

The women’s Barça won by the minimum at the Olympic Stadium in Rome in the first leg of the Champions League quarterfinals. The Barça team forgave many clear scoring chances and the Italian squad put them in trouble in the final stretch of the game. The tie will be decided in the return match at the Spotify Camp Nou.

In addition, we also tell you the pay cut What does FC Barcelona want to do this summer to be able to sign and last hour of the ‘Negreira Case’.