The Ghanaian striker acknowledged the superstar.

    Cristiano Ronaldo scored Portugal’s opening goal and fanned it in his familiar way. PDO

    Ghana came close to surprising Cristiano Ronaldo starred by Portugal in the group match of the World Cup in Qatar. After a goalless opening half, five goals were scored. They were divided in favor of the Portuguese 3–2.

    Scored the Ghanaians’ second goal at the end of the match Osman Bukari had the opportunity to acknowledge Ronaldo, who was replaced on the bench, in front of his nose. When the ball was in the goal, Bukari ran towards the corner flag and did Ronaldo’s standard ventilationwhere the attacker turns towards his teammates during the jump and spreads his arms.

    The ventilation is also stamped as launched by Ronaldo hey-call. The spectators on Ronaldo’s side have learned to scream with the player when the fan’s feet hit the ground.

    Osman Bukari copied Ronaldo’s ventilation style. PDO

    After slowing down, the director of the international broadcast was able to change Ronaldo’s reaction to the pictures. The superstar looked worried, because Ghana had come up again to fight for the points.

    The shenanigans of the Ghanaian players did not end there. In the final moments of the match Inaki Williams stayed behind the Portuguese goalkeeper for a long time and waited for his chance to steal the ball. The trick partially succeeded, because when Diogo Costa dropped the ball to the ground, Williams rushed to catch the ball from the dead corner. Unfortunately, Williams slipped at a crucial moment.

    The situation probably scared Ronaldo the most.

    IL visited the Fan Festival area of ​​the World Cup in Qatar.