The IOC has shuddered by planning the return of Russians to international competition arenas.

    OK chairman Jan Vapaavuori considers it impossible for Russian athletes to return to international competition. Jenni Gästgivar

    The Finnish Olympic Committee stated at the board meeting held on Tuesday that it still has a negative attitude towards the participation of Russian and Belarusian athletes and teams in international competitions. In addition, the Olympic Committee does not approve the organization of international competitions in the countries in question.

    – In our opinion, it is impossible to think that the line would be relaxed when the situation has not changed in any way in terms of military operations. In these matters, it makes sense for the sports movement to move at the same pace as the rest of society, chairman of the Olympic Committee Jan Vapaavuori stated in the announcement.

    According to the government, Finland is trying to influence the issue together with the other Nordic countries.

    The question of the status of Russian and Belarusian athletes has been on the table of the International Olympic Committee, the IOC.

    President of the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee Susanne Lyons said that the attitude towards Russian athletes might be changing.

    – We know that the IOC has started to think about whether there is a way back for Russian athletes. They plan to contact all shareholders to ask for their opinion on the subject, Lyons said According to Reuters.

    Former Minister of Science and Culture Hanna Kosonen did not like the idea of ​​the IOC.

    – The International Olympic Committee is thinking about whether Russian athletes will be included in the Games. Just found out that 0.6-1.5 million Ukrainians have been forcibly transferred to Russia, including more than 200,000 children. We estimate the number of tortured and killed civilians to be in the hundreds of thousands. Really COPD? Congressman tweeted.

    At the meeting, the Olympic Committee also decided on the selection system for the Paris Olympics. OK follows the principle of flexible selection, where team members can be selected if the selection criteria are met. The last possible selection date is July 8, 2024.

    The board also approved the update of the Olympic Committee’s anti-doping program and the anti-competitive manipulation program. The programs have been built together with the Finnish sports ethics center SUEK.