Start on Thursday

    On the first day of competition, we will focus on the following eight sports: fencing, artistic gymnastics, canoe racing, track and field, swimming, speed canoe polo, trampoline gymnastics and triathlon. The women’s shot put at the Brandenburg Gate should be of particular interest. Traditionally, of course, the swimming competitions are also very fascinating. In any case, we should have enough time to look at all the events of the day.


    Everyone goes to Berlin

    This event was held for the first time three years ago. By bringing together a wide variety of sports, the aim is to arouse the public’s concentrated interest. And above all, fringe sports can benefit from greater attention. In 2020 the finals fell through due to Corona. Twelve months ago, the competitions took place not only in Berlin but also in the Rhine-Ruhr region. This year everything is once again concentrated in the capital.



    Welcome to the Finals 2022 in Berlin. This multisport event is increasing for the third time since 2019. From today, Thursday until Sunday, 14 sports can be admired in the German capital, with 190 championship titles being awarded.