The energy firm of the Generalitat aspires to at least double its budget of 25 million in 2024

L’Energeticathe firm constituted by the Generalitataspires to at least double next year the budget of 25 million euros with which it has started operating in 2023, although even points to 100 millionas estimated by the CEO of the company, Daniel Perez. One of his goals is join renewable projects with administrative authorization, which are entirely solar farms of small developers, with the purchase of all or the participation in the capital. There are currently more than 40 projects of less than 5MW with administrative authorization in Catalonia.

To begin with, L’Energètica will have the shares of the public company Avançsa in the wind farms pebesa, of 4 megawatts (MW) in the Baix Ebre, with 25%; and Trucafort, of 29 MW, with 9.65%, 29 MW, in Priorat; and will hire around thirty people between February and September of this year. It has also set up an advisory council with about twenty experts, chaired by Mar Reguant.

hydraulic power stations

Another of the ‘inheritances’ that L’Energètica will receive are the hydroelectric power stations of internal basins, which are those in which the Generalitat has powers and whose concession expires or reverts to the public sector due to non-compliance, explained Pérez, who comes from the Catalan energy company Holaluz. In any case, the concession for most of the 350 existing ones expires in 2061 and it could only currently access the one for the Colònia Llaudet or Can Trinxet; and many of these facilities may no longer be usable at expiration due to changes in flow.

Although economic profitability will guide the company’s actions, due to its public nature it will take into account other variables such as social or territorial, according to Pérez. One of the goals of the company chaired by the former deputy of ERC, Ferran Civitis to take over self-consumption projects on the roofs of public buildings, whose theoretical power amounts to 329 million MW, although it could be lower since not all buildings can install all the power. And in this line of social vision they anticipate that a percentage of the energy generated is for vulnerable people and families within a radius of two kilometerswhich is the limit set to extend self-consumption by the Ministry of Ecological Transition.


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Another challenge for the company is to obtain the license as trading company and start testing in new centers of the Generalitat that do not yet have supply contracts. Being of a public nature, it does not require a contest, although as a counterpart the income from the private sector cannot exceed 20% of the total. His principal object will be to cover the demand of the Generalitat and perhaps of the city councils from beyond the metropolitan area, an area in which the energy of the Catalan capital city council has become strong, Barcelona Energy.

The public company also plans to secure sufficient credit lines with the Institut Català de Finances (ICF) and other mechanisms to assume 2,800 supply points that are put up for tender in centralized contracting in 2024. Another of its objectives is to become market agents to be able to buy and sell energy.