By Lou Siebert

    When it comes to buses and trains, our politicians demand that we wear masks.

    Green leader Ricarda Lang (28) recently gave a reason. On September 9, she advised on the “Membership Watch” platform “to wear a mask wherever people come together, especially indoors,” “and to protect oneself and others”.

    ︎ Long in the wording: “Of course, the virus is not interested in whether it spreads among people on the bus, train or plane. Wherever people come together, especially indoors, there is still a high risk of infection. That’s why it’s right to wear a mask there and protect yourself and others,” said Lang.

    However, when it comes to the Oktoberfest, such admonitions and warnings do not apply to you!

    ︎ When the “Wiesn” started in Munich on Saturday, Lang was there, happy in a dirndl and with a beer mug. She toasted with Green colleague Katharina Schulze (37) in the jam-packed Schottenhamel marquee (capacity: 10,000 visitors – 6000 inside and 4000 outside) – completely without a mask.

    “Maybe show solidarity?”

    Green politician Schulze – also mask-free on the “Wiesn” out and about – otherwise likes to warn with a moral index finger to wear a mask. When Bavaria relaxed the corona rules in spring and the mask requirement was largely eliminated, Schulze was against it – spoke out in favor of wearing a mask “in solidarity”.

    ► At the end of March 2022, Schulze even wrote on Twitter: “What annoys me about the ‘then wear a mask’ talk: Yes, Hans-Peter, I’ll do that anyway. But there are people who can’t do that (e.g. babies & toddlers). And: vulnerable adults are better protected if everyone wears a mask. Maybe show solidarity?

    How DAS should fit together with the pictures from the Oktoberfest – unclear.

    Söder advises personal responsibility

    Bavaria’s Prime Minister and CSU boss Markus Söder (55), who was part of the “Team Caution” for a long time, also came to the Wiesn without a mask. In the BILD interview, Söder had already announced: “I’ll come without a mask”. Everyone should decide for themselves whether and how they visit the Wiesn.

    He justified his decision with a stable corona situation and with the fact that there is currently no increasing burden in the hospitals.

    But anyone who, looking at these pictures, thinks that the mask will soon be off is wrong: only last Friday did the Federal Council approve the new legal basis for stricter corona rules in autumn and winter. Including: a stricter mask requirement on long-distance trains.

    There is currently no mask requirement at the Oktoberfest in Munich. The Oktoberfest takes place from September 17th to October 3rd. The largest folk festival in the world had been canceled in the past two years due to the corona pandemic.