The funeral of Brazilian football player Pele, nicknamed ‘The Black Pearl’, will be held in Santos, where he was born.

    The ceremony will be held at the Vila Belmiro stadium, where Pele started his career. Many names from the world of politics and sports will attend the ceremony.

    After the ceremony, Pele’s funeral will remain in the stadium for 24 hours for his relatives and fans who want to say goodbye to him.

    Then, a march will be held in the streets of Santos with a cortege and Pele will be buried in the highest cemetery in the world. It was stated that Pele, like himself, will be buried on the 9th floor of the 32-storey cemetery, referring to the jersey number of his football player father. From this point, it was reported that the stadium where the ceremony will be held can be seen. Only Pele’s relatives will attend the ceremony in the cemetery.

    A funeral will be held for Pele on Monday, January 2, in the city of Santos, where he started playing football. The burial will take place on Wednesday, January 3rd.